Sunday, November 3, 2013

Warm, Cozy Scarf

This scarf is real easy for any beginner to knit. However, you need to learn how to purl.

Tools you will need:

1) US 10.5 straight needles 
2) Yarn needle (to weave in the ends)
3) crochet hook (to pick up dropped stitches)
4) One skein of Lion Brand "Homespun"  185 yds.

Cast on (CO) 27 stitches. I usually knit a row after I cast on. Then knit 3 (k3) purl 3 (p3) until end of row. Always ending with knit 3 (k3). That is all you do until you use up the yarn Then you bind off (BO).

To bind off, knit 2 and then pull the first stitch over the second stitch. Then knit one and pull first stitch over the second stitch. Do this until you have one loop on the needle, cut yarn and pull through that loop and weave in the ends.